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Diet for 2 kinds of body type

According to the American Medical Advisor Dr. Sawada pointed out, the body form is the key to create a balanced diet. Depending on the figure you have to have diet can be more effective, to distinguish what kind of body type you have, and then choose your own health methods.

Pear-shaped body

It is often said that pear shape people is difficult to lose weight, in fact, pear-shaped body means lower body is relatively large while upper body is relatively narrow. The fat is mainly accumulated in the hips and thighs, especially for married women, fat at hip and thigh is plaguing them. But from the health aspect, it is more advantageous, because less fat is accumulated in the abdomen, reducing the chance of heart disease and diabetes


Regimen: In the diet, pear-shaped body people can choose complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc. These foods can help excrete excess fat. Breakfast can eat more whole grains such as oatmeal and try to diversify some lunch food, ensure nutritionally balance, whole wheat bread, proper amount of lean beef, vegetables are good choices; dinner, you can eat some chicken at dinner

Snacks for pear shaped: apples, dark chocolate, whole wheat crackers.


Small pepper-shaped body

Dr. Sawada regards that peppers shaped body people has no significant body curves, that is, the width of their hips, waist, shoulders is closer. If they start to gain weight, it is usually more obvious in the waist and abdomen, the fat will mainly store at abdomen, thus increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Regimen: pepper-shaped people should eat fish, olive oil, nuts and lean protein etc. food. For example, at breakfast you can eat foods rich in high quality protein, such as eggs, eat more fiber-rich foods at lunch such as green vegetables; you can prepare some fish or beans at dinner

Snacks for pepper-shaped people: yogurt, raisins, almonds.

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Maintain figure at autumn

Late autumn is coming and due to warm needs, human intake of energy increases, coupled with intense pace of work, a lot of working people neglect exercise, then, “fat” appears again, which allows people who like to eat worry about keeping fit .

In fact, if you are determined to lose weight, approaches are a lot, such as standing at least half an hour after a meal to eliminate fat deposition in the upper stomach, control yourself not to eat before sleep, even when you can not stand hunger, only eat a small amount of boiled vegetables or fruit, if you can take long-term compliance, your body will naturally maintain slim and beautiful

Control the staple food and eat less sweet


Nutritionists believe that the key to lose weight is to reduce fat, but need to combine personal circumstances for specific treatment, for example, some people are have severe abdominal fat accumulation but the limbs are not fat, the what need at this time is to shape the body rather than lose weight. Therefore, the way to lose weight should vary. We should solve problem mainly from diet and exercise

If the original appetite is large, the staple food can be declining, minus 50 grams three meals every day and gradually control the staple at 250-300 grams, wheat, rice and some grains can be used for staple foods but the food intake must be strictly limited, to develop the habit of eating 7/10. far away from foods containing too much starch and very sweet foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root starch, jam, honey, candy, candied fruit, fruit juice dessert. In addition, some fat-contained foods such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and a variety of animal oil, cream and fried foods should also be controlled.

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Wrong doings that stop weight loss

1. sweeteners (artificial sweetener)

In the process of dieting, eating sugar substitute can be said to be a taboo, even just a small mouth zero calorie Coke (use sugar substitute) can also cause a vicious cycle all day.

First, it will make your body heat dysregulation, which means you can not reasonably control and adjust calorie intake, causing you to overeat.

Second, aspartame may produce serotonin, let you produce sugar cravings, through the process of mashing, your body will still break down aspartame (yes exactly the same as the process of sugar decomposition), saccharification will speed up the aging of your body and slow down fat burning, therefore, do not believe this saying that sugar substitute don’t have calorie, you may better choose a natural alternatives

2. Too much aerobic exercise

You have weekly aerobic exercise, and spent a lot of time on it, but why not drop down? Persistence of endurance training is to achieve at least 30 minutes of exercise with more than heart rate of 70% of maximum , then the body will secrete stress hormones to break down muscle (and lower your immune system)

Because the mechanism of biological evolution, sustained adrenaline will reduce your body’s metabolic rate to conserve energy consumption, so if your goal is to “lose weight” (rather than simply moving), it is best to reduce the lasting endurance training, there more studies have shown explosive training will burn more fat, help the body do more metabolism


3. Snacking

Make sure to know the difference between dieting and healthy eating, and if you’re on a diet, then you absolutely has no way to refuse the pizza bought by your coworks at noon, “long” interval time of meals, (hungry for too long) will cause producing stress hormones, allowing the body to break down muscle and store glucose into fat

On the other hand, eat every 2-3 hours will increase the secretion of insulin, will be easier to promote fat synthesis. That means maintaining 4-6 hour intervals between meals and have meal at the right time is a relatively healthy way!

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Tips to help you adhere to exercise

People say these are the facts: 80 percent of success is obvious. If you have determined to do more exercise, then you motivate yourself to adhere to the following sports. Do not want to sport? Not afraid! 10 small skills allow you to move up. From that moment began!

How to adhere to the wonderful feeling after sports: fantasy sports, you get a sense of satisfaction when you want to cross the sweat this step; it is envisaged that 30 minutes or an hour of exercise, energetic.

How to adhere to exercise: with friends or fitness instructors about time if you have the same time to meet with others, will feel a responsibility to keep the appointment, even if your body and mind tell you not to.

How to adhere to exercise: development of a healthy exercise program, after time in the movement for their own arrangements for additional items, such as steam saunas to relax and prepare for it, to blow a perfect hair, drink

Cup of hot coffee, or just sit down to chew on an apple.

How to adhere to exercise: sports in the morning, so as not to allow other programs to break your arrangements in advance.

How to adhere to exercise: to carry a symbol of articles or photos Beyoncé said she would put the painting of an Oscar in the gym, so she will be making great strides towards their goals. Give you a date to wear the skirt, this year you want to go on vacation in the beach, or take a photo of your best state, and paste it on your phone.

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4 healthy ways to lose weight to prevent you gain weight!

How to lose weight the healthiest? With increasing age, metabolism slows, the body unconsciously fat, and therefore, it is best to develop the following healthy weight loss six good habits. They help you stay in shape, resist body fat at the same time, also allow you to add a good color.

1. Often drink water
Women want to maintain healthy skin, water is necessary. You should drink plenty of water. Especially in the morning, wake up, drink a glass of water can not only help you to Renew, you can also moisten intestines, help the excretion of the day. And ground water to help the metabolism, help to rule out the accumulated toxins in the body. Do not forget to drink a glass of water before taking a bath; you can supplement the loss of moisture due to the bathing.

2. Concerned about the size
Many women aggressively pursue a slim body and the body’s curves, Develop good habits before the age of 30, concerned about their body shape changes, not only is concerned about the slim or not to pay attention to the sagging trend in the chest and buttocks.


3. Don’t stay up late
Sleep, the body to rest and adjust. Timely, adequate sleep helps to maintain normal metabolism, but also contribute to the formation of the repair function of the body of material. Stay up all night long-term consequences will not sleep listlessness, serious dark circles, puffy eyes, but also a serious hair loss, severe, neurological vulnerability, irritability, memory loss. So if you want anti-aging, forever young, adequate sleep is critical. Sleep at night, the best time is before 11:30, but also to get enough sleep eight hours.

4. Fall in love with doing exercise
it is no doubt that Many women do not love sports, but sweat during exercise, the next day will muscle soreness, coupled with the busy time, so many women’s lives to avoid the “movement” is such a thing. This is wrong, the lack of moderate exercise, the body slowly “rust”.

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5 ways help you eliminate puffiness

Some tips to eliminate “fake obesity. Mainly of edema, obesity symptoms:

1. Eat more food, but the weakness in limbs.

2 do not like sports; whole body felt weak to want to lie down after dinner.

3, mouth sticky.

4. Parts of the swollen morning eyes. 5, heavy limbs, abdomen often has swollen sense, but the hands and feet swollen, especially in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. 6, Yi thirsty, drink more, eat sweets, preferences re-port.  How to judge the edema?

1.A bed in the morning, make a fist with both hands, if you feel between the fingers and finger swelling or muscle to prevent it, unfortunately, you swollen. 


2, Yong Shone the flesh of his waist, feeling the soft, edema, obesity, feeling a little hard fat obesity.

If your body is more or less edema of the situation, it shows the state of your life needs to change! 

1, hot bubble bath Do not think to go late night, may wish to soak in a hot bath! When the bath water temperature, 42 degrees is best, and then the body (to shoulder) and soaked in hot water, Using hot water stimulation inhibit gastrointestinal motility, eliminate fasting flu! Multi-bubble hot bath, in addition to allowing you less “thinking about” supper, to edema also have a good effect! Bubble Finished the bath, drink some water, and replenish moisture.

 2 drink barley water Barley, also known as Coix Seed, Coix, and sweet light, slightly cold, favorable water swelling effect. Poster Girl is easy to “swollen” may wish to cook some barley water to drink, simple and effective. Barley water is not

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Drink rose glazed date tea to lose weight

“Rose glazed date tea” is the most effective formula of reducing weight tea among many scented tea.

It can produce the constipation meaning soon after you drink down it., Nutrients and oil inside the intestines can also be ranked out fast if you continue trying. Long time drinking can rule out the suffering of constipation, also can let a person feel as light as the wild goose.


If you also want to try, the following tells you how to eat healthily.

Material: California glazed date 5 star, a coterie of pink rose


Prepare 500-600 CC water, and put the glazed date and pink roses into it.

Stop burning when it boils.


Rose can protect liver, promote metabolism, and it has a strong effect to relive the fat. Glazed date may provide the fiber. Long-term drinking can go to remove the lodge, and maintain normal metabolism function. Of course you can make the delicate skin look drinking it,  and achieve the result of reducing weight.

In the early period, you can drink a cup every day. Then you can stretch the time interval to two times a week.

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Diet misunderstanding after dinner exercise is good for weight loss

In this highly competitive society, urban white-collar workers have no free time to lose weight. Irregular working hours has led to their body size is getting fatter, it has been begun to look at strange eyes. Urban white-collar lose weight without delay. So a lot of urban white-collar workers have little free time to do exercise after meals.

Expect their bodies not to be able to slim down. In fact, urban white-collar workers do not know is that no only couldn’t lose weight, or even cause damage to the body.

First, the exercise after eating to lose weight can cause gastrointestinal injury. After a meal, gastrointestinal tract, are in the filling state, when engaged in the movement, it is very ’cause gastrointestinal organs hair health damage. For example, stomach ruptures intestinal change bits and other diseases. If someone in the exercise after eating, the sudden onset of severe pain, vomiting and other symptoms, it is necessary to attract attention, it is likely to develop disease.

Timely treatment, otherwise there may be dangerous.

The second is to exercise after eating to lose weight will affect the digestion and absorption functions. Human domination gastrointestinal motility of the nerve is the parasympathetic; the control of skeletal muscle movement is sympathetic. These two nerves are not in the same when the excited state. So when people exercise after eating, the sympathetic nerve in the excited state, the parasympathetic nervous in an inhibitory state. Such gastrointestinal function will not be able to play; digestion and absorption features will be affected


Third, after meals Games affected the body’s blood circulation and distribution. Under normal circumstances, people will focus on the body after a meal of blood in the digestive system. But if you exercise after eating, the body’s blood will be concentrated in skeletal muscle. The gastrointestinal tract is not enough blood to transport nutrients; this is also affecting the absorption function. Exercise after eating the body can not provide an adequate supply of energy. After a meal, the body will secrete insulin, insulin affect the body fat decomposition process. So that when people exercise, there would be Lipolysis to provide sufficient energy supply. Discounts will greatly rely on the effect of exercise to lose weight; can not play the role of the weight-loss.

Described above can be seen by exercise after eating does not play a slimming effect. Therefore don’t do exercise after eating.

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How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast? Are you annoyed with a bloated shape? Here are 3 tips. Do these tips to lose weight, you will change to a bone beauty.

To lose weight fast 1: let the music to help you lose weight

In your exercise, take your MP3 and get drunk in the beautiful music! According to the study, listening to the music as well as doing some sports can increase the burning of fat, especially when you are listening to your favorite music. This is because listen to the music can help you lengthen the athletic time and also make exercise more interesting, thus to make you survive long!

To lose weight fast 2: “mouth” help you

Do you know that? Tell people around you your weight loss program can help you lose weight. Because when you tell others all the planning, you will naturally increase a sense of responsibility. Giving up easily may make other people make fun of you. In addition, getting more people’s encouragement is a motive of weight loss!


To lose weight fast 3: no high fat food

Fat is a kind of material that contains the highest quantity of heat. So, if you want to reduce heat intake, you will have to reduce the high fat food. And fat are divided into unsaturated fat, saturated fat and trans fatty acids. The first one is the important material to help you speed up lighting fat. Adequate intake is a good way to lose weight. While the others will make you fat, so you are to reduce consumption!

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Exercise 10 minutes every day to get rid of fat!

Action: Neck and shoulder exercises

Body erect, feet shoulder width apart, and hands naturally hang. Shoulder naturally relaxed; slowly rises up to reach the maximum limit from slowly recover. Complete the 2-4 group (n = 10).

Action self-test: hands down, paying particular attention to the shoulder to relax, it is difficult to achieve the desired results. In addition, other parts of the body as much as possible the amount of relaxation.

Body sculpting benefits: This group action to tighten the neck is able to create a beautiful neck.

Action: waist exercises

lying down, hands on their chests or 90 degrees, the body to scroll up, shoulders lifted off the ground and slowly restore down.

Action self-test: force to cope with the atmosphere, so you can achieve a better training effect. Also note that the abdomen should be forced feeling. Body sculpting benefits: This group action to shape the abdomen, waist lines, tightens the fat around your waist before and after, so that your lines no matter from which angle you look charming.

Action three: leg exercises

When standing straight, hands on her hips, one leg slowly backward kick, pulled up to a certain extent, pause two seconds, slowly recovered, and the other leg. Complete the 2-4 group (n = 10)

Action self-test: kick, toes tight, legs also Bengzhi, so as to achieve the desired effect. You should feel the leg muscles to tighten, aching thigh.

Body sculpting benefits: This action is to tighten the leg muscles, and make your leg line look perfect. Tension leg tip action, can also exercise your Achilles tendon.

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